After experiencing water damage in your business or home, many of your belongings may need to be packed out, while the professionals clean out the damage.  Sometimes the worst damage from a flood or disaster can be to the things in a space rather than the space itself.  Water can get into the smallest areas, spread its damage to every inch of a space, and be dirty and destructive.  CREW RESTORATION is here to help you move those things out of the affected area, and store them safely.   Once the space is ready, CREW RESTORATION will bring them back.  Instead of worrying about how to safely remove as much of your belongings as you can using only the resources at your disposal, let CREW RESTORATION help. We will make the restoration process run as speedily and seamlessly as possible.

Our contents cleaning process includes:

  • Creating an inventory of your salvageable items
  • Packing your belongings up and out for storage at an offsite facility.  If requested, we can offer climate control.
  • Returning your belongings to your home or business when all restoration has been completed